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Binaural Beats Glossary

Adrenal – An organ located above the kidneys responsible for the manufacturing of a natural steroid called cortisol.

Amygdala – A small, almond shaped mass of nuclei located in the temporal lobes of the brain near the hippocampus. The amygdala structure in the limbic system that is linked to emotions and aggression. The amygdala functions to control fear responses, the secretion of hormones, arousal and the formation of emotional memories.

Astral Projection – an experience where your consciousness/awareness leaves your body to communicate with other realms or remotely view somewhere your body is not.

Angular Gyrus – A tiny part of the brain in the right cortex that some sources connect with out of body experiences

Binaural Beats – A technique used with brainwave entrainment that allows a person to perceive tones that are below the range of human hearing.

Beta Endorphin – An endorphin produced in the pituitary gland that is a powerful pain suppressor

Chakra – Each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

Christ Consciousness – Higher consciousness, also called super consciousness

Clairvoyance – The faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Cortisol – A steroid hormone released in response to stress that suppressed the immune system and decreases bone formation. . It’s also associated with stress and aging. (It’s released in response to stress.) Reducing cortisol production in theory could be used for anti-aging effects. Increasing it could be helpful for people with allergies, where the immune system is going bonkers over a foreign agent in the body which is usually harmless – it’s not the agent itself which causes the allergic reaction, but the inflammation caused by the immune system attacking the hell out of it. If you can eliminate this misfiring of the immune system, in theory, you can eliminate the allergic reaction.

DHEA – Steroid produced in the adrenal glanda, the gonads, and the brain. Production of it starts off slow in early childhood, and then begins to pick up, hitting its maximum when a person is in his/her 20s, and then it declines from there. It’s not completely known what this hormone does – although many claims are associated with it [anti-aging, AIDS therapy, anti-cancer, increased sex drive, weight loss, muscle gain, etc]. This site has a lot of useful information on DHEA –

Endogenous Opiates A family of chemicals the brain produces that serve as pain-killers, and also help to reduce anxiety and fear. This family includes Endorphins, Ekephalins, and Dynorphins.

Endorphin – the body’s natural morphine-like pain killers. Endorphins help us deal with pain as well as producing a pleasurable sensation.

Enkephalins – See endogenous opiates

Frontal Lobe – The frontal lobe is one of the five lobes of the cortex and its primarily function is receiving input from the rest of the brain, planning, organizing, problem solving, selective attention, personality, motor control, and a variety of higher cognitive functions, including behavior and emotions.

Ganzfeld Effect – This effect was first noticed by Arctic explorers – when they encountered blizzard conditions and could see nothing but white regardless of where they looked, it tended to create altered states of consciousness. These altered states can also be created by sound in the same way – if pink noise is blasted through headphones into both ears, it creates a “sonic blizzard” with the same altered states of consciousness that you get with a literal blizzard.

Hippocampus – A part of the brain that is required to form long term memories. If we took that part of the brain out, short term memories could still be formed, and memories stored would still be there, but no new long term memories could be formed.

Hypersonic Sounds – Sounds above human hearing

Hypnagogic – The state of being between being awake and being asleep.

Hypnopompic – Similar to the Hypnagogic State, except where the Hypnagogic State happens while in the process of falling asleep, the Hypnopompic State happens while coming out of sleep.

Hypothalamus – The hypothalamus is generally very active in regulating our primary instincts and emotional responses. The instincts for basic survival, fight or flight, mating, eating, and drinking, are all regulated right here. It is very easy to evoke an intense rage or pleasure response by stimulating the hypothalamus.”

Infratonic Qi Gong Machine – The Infratonic QGM was developed out of scientific research in Beijing China which studied natural healers and found that most powerful healers were able to emit a strong infrasonic (low frequency sound) signal from their hands. The sound emitted from average individuals was only a hundredth as strong. The Infratonic, now used by 1% of all doctors in the United States, was developed out of this research.

Keely – Full name is John Ernst Worrell Keely. He was an American inventor in the 19th Century who claimed to have found a new form of power

Kundalini – Kundalini is some sort of mystical energy or force that exists at your base, and during a Kundalini awakening, makes its way up from your base into your forehead region. Supposedly, if people aren’t “ready” for a kundalini awakening, it can really mess them up. There are forms of yoga that help to stimulate the kundalini.

Life Energy Frequency – This was probably the frequency used by the Russian scientist Vlail P. Kaznacheyev in his experiment. The result of the experiment, the Kaznacheyev effect, is that if a cell culture is killed or injured, and the “death” photons from it are sent to another culture, which in the absence of visible light (which would quench the paranormal effects, see the above mentioned Excalibur Briefing), suffers the same effects.

Lucid Dreaming – A form of dreaming where you are consciously aware that you are dreaming, and can control your actions in the dream, and in some cases, even control the environment of the dream itself.

Lymphocytes – a sort of white blood cell that help fend off foreign cells and other unwanted things that have “invaded” the body. It’s the lymphocytes that sometimes cause a body to reject a transplanted organ, for instance, and they’re sometimes responsible for allergic reactions as well.

Magic Window – Frequencies which (according to Thomas E. Bearden) are especially suited for coupling to and bringing energies from other dimensions.

Melantonin – – A hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain – it helps to promote normal sleep patterns. It has been mentioned that it can decrease the aging process and can create very vivid dreams.

Neuralgias – a condition that causes brief episodes of stabbing pain between the eyes and ears

Norepinephrine – – A natural chemical the body generates which acts as a vaso-constrictor [constricts blood vessels]. It also increases heartrate & blood pressure, and opens up the air passages in the lungs. It is generated in response to short-term stress, and serves to mobilize the body’s resources in order to meet the stressful challenge.

Octave – A series of eight notes occupying the interval between two notes, one having twice or half the frequency of vibration of the other.

Phospene Imagery – The funky pattern/haze you get when you rub your eyes.

Pineal – a tiny organ in the brain [about the size of a pea] that helps to regulate sleeping patterns in mammals [i.e. circadian rhythm], as well as seasonal changes. It is sensitive to light – in the absence of light, it produces a hormone (melantonin) that makes us sleep. Functionally, it is the closest thing we have to a “third eye”.

Pyramid Frequency – The ‘outside’ pyramid frequency is the frequency found to resonate outside of the great pyramids in Egypt. The ‘inside’ pyramid frequency resonates inside the great pyramids.

Rife Frequency – Rife was a fellow who tinkered with using electromagnetic fields at certain frequencies to cure/treat various ills. The frequency set of 20 HZ, 727 HZ, 787 HZ, 800 HZ, 880 HZ, 5000 HZ, and 10000 HZ were used for general treatment across the board, and other frequencies were then added to treat specific conditions.

Samadhi – The state of being aware of one’s existence without thinking.

Schumann Resonance – Electromagnetic field generated by the earth’s atmosphere when it’s struck by energy from the sun

Serotonin – A chemical in the brain which helps regulate moods – too little of it, and you can end up depressed. Too much of it can cause migraines and nausea. Just the right amount, and it’s a great anti-depressant/mood elevator.

Sphincter Resonance – – In the 1960s, apparently, somebody discovered the resonating frequency of the sphincter. They created a device called an “Anal Sphincter Resonator” – an organ-like device. It was used in a suspense thriller play – they intended it to “shake up” the audience when danger was being acted out – apparently it caused the entire audience to soil themselves.

Synodic – Middle period from one new moon to the next.

Thalamus – A component of the brain that acts as a ‘routing center’ for all sensory information that comes up the spinal cord from the body. Drugs that shut down the Thalmus are often used for anesthetic effects.

Thyroid – A butterfly-shaped gland just below the Adam’s apple which controls the body’s metabolism – it does this by producing thyroid hormones, which tell the body how fast to work and use energy.