Deep Sleep Binaural Beats


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Deep Sleep Binaural Beats

Product Description

Do you:

  1. Have trouble falling asleep at night?
  2. Take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep?
  3. Just can’t switch off, relax, and just fall asleep?
  4. Lay in bed with thoughts rushing through your head?
  5. Have trouble getting back to sleep if woken?
  6. Wake up several times per night?

The binaural beats used in the session have been clinically tested for patients suffering from anxiety and will help you relax. The carrier frequency selected is a tone that produces good feelings of security and well-being by entraining the brain to release beta-endorphins. The pulsing isochronic tones induce relaxation and deeper sleep while set to the frequency supporting the unconscious enhancement of the dream experience.

The Deep Sleep Binaural Beats download is not 8 hours is due to technical limitations. An 8 hour MP3 download would take hours to download, and in some cases be fail due to it’s size. The frequencies used do not change through the session, so in order to get the best results, set the MP3 to repeat.


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