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Energy Focus Concentration


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Product Description

In 1999, Budzynski and associates researched a group of academically struggling college students. Their study found that multiple entrainment sessions not only had a synchronization effect but that these changes persisted while performing cognitive tasks and resulted in a significant improvement in the subjects’ grade point average in the quarter following treatment termination while no such changes were found in control subjects.

Using a variety of neuro-imaging measurement tools, researchers have discovered that light and/or sound stimulation increases brain metabolism and cerebral blood flow.

Summarizing across these studies, neuroscientists have documented that light and/or sound stimulation: Strengthens those brainwave patterns that synchronize with the frequency of the flashing light and/or rhythmic sound and that these changes persist while performing mental tasks; and Increases brain metabolism and cerebral blood flow.

Eleven studies involving over 500 people have been conducted using light and sound stimulation to correct the under-arousal of the frontal cortex that is found in people with ADHD and learning disabilities. These studies document LSN’s effectiveness for many symptoms common in people with ADHD and/or learning disabilities. Summarizing across studies, researchers found that LSN treatment:

· Increased sustained attention;
· Decreased hyperactivity;
· Improved impulse control;
· Decreased anxiety and depression;
· Improved essential learning skills including:
o Auditory memory
o Mental processing speed
o Verbal and non-verbal IQ
· Improved academic performance;
· Generated improvements equal, or superior, to stimulant medication; and
· Maintained the treatment gains made in IQ and ability to sustain attention for up to 16-months following treatment termination.

These binaural beats use this same alternating frequencies of 14 and 22 Hz to recreate the studies used to achieve the benefits listed above. For more information about the studies, visit….

Have a question about how binaural beats work? Visit http://binaural–…


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