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Period Cramp Relief


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Product Description

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, are very effective against pain caused by menstrual cramps. However, if you would like an alternative method to taking pharmaceuticals, binaural beats are a safe, alternative pain management solution.

Binaural beats influence the brain through a phenomenon called frequency following response; which is when brainwaves fall into step with a specific frequency. Two different tones, close in pitch, are played in each ear resulting in a wave-like sound. This sound is your mind trying to mash each of the tones into one. This mashing results in the brain responding by giving a certain reaction; in this case, suppressing the sensation of severe period cramps.

Binaural Beats work only when using headphones. You may listen to them as background with other music, or by themselves. It is not necessary to listen with a high volume, however they should be loud enough to hear the waving sound. You will feel the effects of the binaural beats after approximately 10-15 minutes of listening.

What happens when you get menstrual cramps? Your uterus, which is a muscle, contracts during your period. Sometimes when the uterus contracts, it can accidentally press against other blood vessels, momentarily cutting off their supply of oxygen. Most menstrual cramps are not serious and don’t signal that something is wrong with your body. Severe pain during menstrual cramps could signal a potentially bigger problem.

Here are a few more non-medicinal options that are effective at easing the pain of cramps.

Use a heat treatment. Doctors recommend using heat as a way to relieve pain associated with menstrual cramping, as well as helping the cramps subside themselves. There are a couple different courses of home treatments you can follow:

1. Use your laptop on your stomach or lower abdomen. The heat generated from the computer will work as sort of electric blanket.

2. Get a hot water bottle and apply it to the stomach or lower abdomen. Wait 15 to 20 minutes to see if cramps have gotten better.

3. If all else fails, try taking a hot bath with a cup of Epsom salts. Epsom salts are a mild muscle relaxer which will help your body relax. Submerge your body fully underneath the Epsom salts and keep the water warm by turning the faucet on, if necessary.

Evidence suggests that taking 500IU’s of vitamin E per day help control and prevent period cramping. Other vitamins suggested include vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and fish oil supplements.

Here a few more ideas that will help control and prevent period cramping.
*Exercise as part of your regular routine. Women who regularly exercise have less menstrual pain. Any exercise is better than no exercise.
*Get a heating pad and keep it on your stomach for as long as you like
*Use a heating pad or hot water bottle where ever the pain is.
*Lay on your stomach with one or both of your fists applying pressure where the pain is.
*Gently and lightly push on your stomach as if you’re massaging it.
*Eat a banana. The potassium may help.
*Skip anything cold. This contracts your muscles! The ice cream isn’t worth the pain ladies!



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